2016 GLOW Assembly

Information about the GLOW Annual Assembly 2016 at AIP, Potsdam

1 - 2 December, 2016, at AIP, Potsdam


preliminary, last modification Nov 30



GLOW Executive Committee  (telecon)

      Wednesday, 9:30   GLOW EC meeting




GLOW Symposium: Recent progress in radio astronomy  (venue: AIP Schwarzschild building) 


      15:45   Welcome - Gottfried Mann (AIP)  

      15:50   MeerKAT, Apertif, and MHONGOOSE - Erwin de Blok (ASTRON) 

      16:25   The Toothbroush radio relic in high resolution - Kamlesh Rajpurohit (TLS) 

      16:45   The LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey (LoTSS) and first data on the HETDEX Spring Field - Tim Shimwell (Leiden observatory) 


      17:20   Coffee break


      17:40   Quite sun observations with LOFAR - Christian Vocks (AIP) 

      18:00   A new look on the spectral ageing analysis in the FRI galaxy 3C31 with LOFAR - Volker Heesen (UHH)

      18:20   Probing small-scale structure in the ionised ISM with GLOW - Julian Donner (UBi)

      18:40   GLOW Mode VLBI - Olaf Wucknitz (MPIfR) 

      19:00   End


      20:00   Dinner at the Restaurant of the Hotel Mercure (Buffet) 





GLOW Annual Assembly  (venue: AIP Schwarzschild building)


Consortium Meeting

        9:00   Welcome - Matthias Steinmetz (AIP)

        9:10   Reports from GLOW member institutes
                    AIfA - UBi - MPA - AIP - UHH - U Cologne - EXC Garching - MPIfR - FZJ - TLS - UBo - UWü 

        9:50   Combined report from EC, SWG, RAC, TWG, and SKA WG - Matthias Hoeft (TLS) 

      10:10   Bi-annual elections 

      10:25   A new GLOW member: Lehrstuhl Experimentelle Physik Vb an der TU Dortmund - Dominik Elsässer (TUD) 


      10:35   Coffee break


LOFAR, recent progress and open issues 

      11:00   ILT Board report, LOFAR 2.0, recent progress of LOFAR KSPs - Marcus Brüggen (UHH)

      11:20   PreFACTOR and FACTOR: fast and efficient - David Rafferty (UHH) 

      11:40   LBA calibration efforts and first results  - Alexander Drabent (TLS)

      11:55   The LOFAR Long Term Archive in Jülich  - Oleg Tsigenov (FZJ)


      12:10   Meeting Photo 

      12:15   Lunch break


GLOW Mode, LOFAR International, and beyond

     13:00   POLFAR - Leszek Blaszkiewicz (University Olsztyn) 

     13:20   The GLOW Network Status - Olaf Mextorf (FZJ)

     13:35   GLOW Mode and Computing - Andreas Horneffer (MPIfR)

     13:50   Correcting ionospheric effects on GLOW rotation measurements - Nataliya Porayko (MPIfR) 

     14:05   LOFAR stations for meteor radar experiments (MMARIA) - Matthias Hoeft for Gunter Stober (IAP Kühlungsborn)

     14:15   Solar power tower mirror arrays for radio astronomy - Olaf Wucknitz (MPIfR) 


     14:30   Coffee break


MeerKAT and SKA

     15:00   German efforts on MeerKAT and SKA - Dominik Schwarz (UBi)

     15:20   Radio telescopes and Big Data  - Karl Mannheim (UWü)



     15:40   Status strategy document of the Rat deutscher Sternwarten  -  Marcus Brüggen (UHH)

     16:00   Wrap up and outlook  - Marcus Brüggen (UHH)

     16:10   End


Venue and Hotel suggestion 

     The meeting will take place at

            Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam,  An der Sternwarte 16, 14482 Potsdam

            in the Schwarzschild Building 


      We recommend the following hotels / hostels 


            FRITZ Aparthotel Potsdam

            Pension und Restaurant Unicat

            Pension Babelsberg

            Hotel Ambassador Potsdam

            Pension Zeitlos

     If needed, Ms Lehmann (dlehmann AT aip.de) kindly offers to assist you to find and book an appropriate accommodation.  




Participation fee 

     Please note, there will be small fee (30 Euros, please pay in cash at the meeting). 






    Frank Bertoldi, AIfA  (S/AM)

    Marian Biermann, UBi (S/D/AM/AA)

    Leszek Blaszkiewicz, Olsztyn  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Daniel Boriero, UBi  (S/D/AM/AA) 

    Frank Breitling, AIP  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Marcus Brüggen, UHH  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Erwin de Blok, ASTRON  (S/D)

    Ralf-Jürgen Dettmar, RUB  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Julian Donner, UBi  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Alexander Drabent, TLS  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Dominik Elsässer, TUD  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Thomas Fieseler, FZJ  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Lorenz Haase, UBi  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Volker Heesen, UHH  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Matthias Hoeft, TLS  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Andreas Horneffer, MPIfR  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Eva Jütte, RUB  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Hans-Rainer Klöckner, MPIfR  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Andrzej Krankowski, Olsztyn  (S/D) 

    Jörn Künsemöller, UBi  (AM/AA)

    Gottfried Mann, AIP  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Karl Mannheim, UWü  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Olaf Mextorf, FZJ  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Nataliya Porayko, MPIfR  (S/D/AM/AA)

    David Rafferty, UHH  (AM/AA)

    Kamlesh Rajpurohit, TLS  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Dominik Schwarz, UBi  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Thilo Siewert, UBi  (S/D)

    Tim Shimwell, Leiden  (S/D)

    Oleg Tsigenov, FZJ  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Christian Vocks, AIP  (S/D/AM/AA)

    Olaf Wucknitz, MPIfR  (S/D/AM/AA)


S: GLOW Symposium, D: Dinner, AM: GLOW Assembly morning, AA: GLOW Assembly afternoon