GLOW Organization

The organizational structure of the German Long Wavelength Consortium

GLOW Executive Committee

GLOW members assemble once in a year for the GLOW Annual Assembly. At this occasion the GLOW Council convenes, which is the supreme panel of GLOW. It makes all primary decisions of GLOW and elects the GLOW Executive Committee (EC), which represents and acts on behalf of GLOW between the Council meeting. The EC organizes regular telecons of the Extended Executive Committee, which additionally comprises working group chairs and vice chairs beside the EC.
The members of the executive committee are:
  • Marcus Brüggen (Hamburg, chair)
  • Ralf-Jürgen Dettmar (Bochum, vice chair)
  • Matthias Hoeft (Tautenburg, secretary)


GLOW Working Groups

GLOW has established the following working groups:
  • Scientific Working Group (SWG)
    led by Benedetta Ciardi (chair, Garching)
  • SKA Working Group (SKA WG)
    led by Karl Mannheim (chair, Würzburg), Michael Kramer (vice chair, Bonn), Hans-Rainer Klöckner (secretary, Bonn)
  • LOFAR Working Group (LofarWG)
    comprises LOFAR station owners, LTA hardware owners and KSP representatives, led by Dominik Schwarz (chair, Bielefeld)
    with subgroup 
    - Technical Working Group (TWG)
       led by Jörn Künsemöller (co-chair, Bielefeld) and David Rafferty (co-chair, Hamburg)
  • Resource Allocation Committee (RAC)
    led by Matthias Hoeft (chair, Tautenburg) 
GLOW has nominated Dominik Schwarz (Bielefeld) as representative at the International LOFAR Telescope Board.