Radio2019 and GLOW Annual Assembly

Information about the GLOW Annual Assembly 2019 at TU Dortmund

14 - 16 October, 2019, in Dortmund | Participants




==  Draft program, last update 2019-09-30  == 


Monday  (GLOW EC Meeting)


      14:00 - 15:30 Mitgliederversammlung Verein für datenintensive Radioastronomie

             Venue:  Room CP-03-150,  Physik/Chemie-Ersatzbau (Otto-Hahn-Straße 4a)

              Closed meeting of the Verein für datenintensive Radioastronomie

      15:30  Coffee break

      16:00  Joint Meeting VdR Vorstand and GLOW EC

            Venue:  Room CP-03-150,  Physik/Chemie-Ersatzbau (Otto-Hahn-Straße 4a)

      17:15  - 18:30 GLOW EC Meeting 

            Venue:  Room CP-03-150,  Physik/Chemie-Ersatzbau (Otto-Hahn-Straße 4a)

            Closed meeting of the GLOW Executive Committee 



Tuesday, 15. October (Radio2019 Symposium: Recent progress in radio astronomy)


        Venue:   Room 208,  REFA Center Dortmund (Emil-Figge-Strasse 43)


        note: this is a draft, program is still under development! 


          9:00  Welcome 

          9:05  Millimeter VLBI imaging of supermassive black holes --   Jae-Young Kim 

          9:30  LOFAR Measures the Hotspot Advance Speed of the High-Redshift Blazar S5 0836+710   --  Alexander Kappes

          9:50  Analyzing VLBI Data Using Neural Networks   --  Kevin Schmidt 

        10:10  First LOFAR interferometric observations of an X-class flare   --  Christian Vocks

        10:30  Mosaicing LOFAR polarization data   --   Noelia Herrera Ruiz 


       10:50  Coffee break 


       11:15  Interferometric LOFAR observations of decametric Jupiter bursts   --   Olaf Wucknitz

       11:35  A Data Science Perspective on Unfolding in Cherenkov Astronomy --   Mirko Bunse

       11:55  Probing the cold (HI) gas in galaxy clusters   --   Mamta Pommier

       12:15  Multiwavelength Analysis of 3C84   --  Lena Linhoff

       12:35  Early science from the MeerKAT MIGHTEE-HI survey   --   Natasha Maddox


       12:55  Lunch 


       14:00  eROSITA on SRG  --   Andrea Merloni

       14:25  Parsec-scale jet dimorphism of blazars   --   Paul Burd 

       14:55  Constraining Axion dark matter using radio polarimetry of gravitational lens   --  Aritra Basu

       15:15  Recent Progress in Bayesian Radio Imaging   --  Philipp Arras

       15:40  Radio Transients with LOFAR and MeerKAT  --  Antonia Rowlinson 


       16:05 Coffee break 


      16:30  MeerKAT - Status, processing, and some results  --   Gyula Jozsa

      16:55  The angular two-point correlation function from the LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey First Data Release   --   Thilo Siewert

      17:15  Apertif - Imaging commissioning and first survey results   --   Björn Adebahr 

      17:35  The low-frequency radio perspective on galactic winds  --   Volker Heesen 

      17:55  Mapping scattering screens with GLOW, using pulsar scintillation   --  Robert Main

      18:15  Constraining intergalactic magnetic fields with LOFAR   --   Shane O'Sullivan


     18:35  End  


     19:30  Conference dinner  


Wednesday,  16. October  


        Venue:  Room 208,  REFA Center Dortmund (Emil-Figge-Strasse 43)


        9:30  GLOW Council Meeting   

                             Report from GLOW member Institutes (HTW, UBi, RUB, AIfA, MPIfR, TUD, MPA, HS, ZAH, FZJ, Col, LMU, AIP, TLS, UWü)

                    9:50 Report SWG,

                  9:55 LOFAR WG,

                  10:00 RAC

                  10:05 Report GLOW Web 

                 10:20 decide on ILT Board representative 

                 10:25 Radio2020  

      10:30 Coffee break

      11:00 D-MeerKAT Meeting

                  Scanning Strategies for the SKA-MPG telescope   --   Ferdinand Jünemann

                   A more detailed program is coming soon!  

       12:30 Lunch

       13:30 LOFAR WG Meeting

                         Status of the GLOW-Network  -- Olaf Mextorf

                13:45 LOFAR LTA at Juelich --  Cristina Manzano 

                14:00 GLOW LOFAR Technical Working Group  --  Jörn Künsemöller

                14:10 Report ILT Board  -- Dominik Schwarz

                14:25 LOFAR 2.0  --  Dominik Schwarz 

       15:00  End  




   If you plan to attend the meeting please sent an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

   with the following information:

       Name and affiliation 

       I plan to attend:

            Radio2019  morning session    yes/no

            Radio2019  afternoon session   yes/no

            Conference dinner           yes/no

            GLOW council meeting      yes/no

            D-MeerKAT meeting          yes/no

            LOFAR WG meeting           yes/no 

            I would like to give a presentation at the Radio2019 meeting   yes/no     Title: 


Conference fee  

   The will be a small conference fee of 40 Euros.

   The fee needs to be paid by bank transfer:

         Account holder: Technische Universität Dortmund 

         IBAN: DE25 4405 0199 0001 2271 14

         BIC:  DORTDE33

        Purpose / Verwendungszweck:   B-12-55216-001-021052,   Radio2019,  and your name !! 



   An overview of the different locations can be found in the attached map.
   Further information on how to get to the TU Dortmund can be found at






   For your stay, we recommend the following hotels:

   TRYP Hotel Dortmund is located directly next to the conference venue.
   The hotel is located at the bus stop 'REFA Center' and there is a parking
    lot on site.

    For your stay in Dortmund city, there are several options, e.g. Hotel Carlton.


Scientific organising committee   

    Marcus Brüggen, Benedetta Ciardi, Ralf-Jürgen Dettmar, Matthias Hoeft, Karl Mannheim, Dominik Schwarz and Dominik Elsässer


Local organisation

   Dominik Elsässer, Simone Mender, Kevin Schmidt and Lena Linhoff