Radio2022 and GLOW Annual Assembly

Information about the GLOW Annual Assembly 2022 at HTW Berlin



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The Radio2022 Symposium and GLOW Annual Assembly

         2-4 November 2022, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin, Germany

The Symposium will feature recent highlight in radio astronomy and related fields and will brings together radio astronomers in Germany and other countries.  In addition GLOW organisational splinter sessions, as meetings of the LOFAR Working Group and the D-MeerKAT group will takes place. 


Registration and Abstract submission 


Invited speakers

      Björn Adebahr,  Bartosz Dabrowski,  Francesco de Gasperin,  Gabriella di Gennaro,  Jean-Mathias Griessmeier,  Caroline Heneka, Tim Huege,  Vijay Mahatma,  Christoph Pfrommer,  Martin Vollmann,  Olaf Wucknitz




     Registration opens  :  8 August 

     Deadline for abstract submission : 30 September

     Final program : 20 October 


Topical Sessions

     Cosmic Rays with LOFAR

     Interstellar medium and galactic winds    

     Large surveys and automated source finding, Machine Learning methods and data challenges 

     Radio galaxies and galaxy clusters at high resolution 

     Radio observations and dark matter 

     Time domain radio astronomy 




    Wednesday, 2 Nov 

        12.30  GLOW EC meeting


        14.00 Opening of the Radio2022 Symposium

        14:10 Olaf Wucknitz, Perseid meteor observations with LOFAR

        14:35 Eleni Vardoulaki, The building of RGZ-EMU and preliminary results

        14:50 Jonas Hessdoerfer, The TELAMON Program (cancelled)

        15:05 Lukas Böhme, The Cosmic Radio Dipole with LoTSS 

        15:20 Marco Simonte, Giant radio galaxies in the LOFAR deep fields  

        15:35 Caroline Heneka, Machine Learning the radio sky in preparation for the SKA


        16:00–16:45 Coffee break


        16:45 Poster flash talks

        17:05 Robert Main, A scintillation arc survey with the MeerKAT Thousand Pulsar Array 

        17:20 Thomas Pasini, Particle re-acceleration and gentle re-energisation in A1550

        17:35 Arpad Miskolczi, The current and future state of the Jülich LTA 

        17:50 Lovorka Gajović, WIMP cross-section limits from LoTSS-DR2 observations of dwarf spheroidal galaxies

        18:05 Jean-Mathias Griessmeier, NenuFAR early science results for pulsars

        18:30 End 

        19:00 Drinks in the The Double Inn - Irish-Scottish Pub Berlin


     Thursday, 3 Nov 

        09:00 GLOW Council meeting (break out room) 

        10:00 Coffee break

        10:30 Tim Huege, Radio detection of cosmic rays with LOFAR and the SKA

        10:55 Akriti Sinha, Study of the bolometric radio-infrared correlations for galaxies up to z~2

        11:10 Anna Nelles, Non-astrophysical findings in time-domain radio signals

        11:25 Shubham Bhagat, Deep MeerKAT L-band observations of galaxy cluster Abell 1367 

        11:40 Kevin Schmidt, Deep learning-based imaging in radio interferometry 

        11:55 Hermann Heßling, Overview of the HTW Berlin

        12:10 Conference photo


        12:30–14:30 Lunch

        13:00 D-MeerKAT meeting (break out room) 


        14:30 Christoph Pfrommer, Magnetic dynamo in galaxies and the origin of the far-infrared-radio correlation

        14:55 Anna Berger, Polarised source counts from GOODS-N field with Apertif

        15:10 Olaf Mextorf, Network at FZJ

        15:25 Felix Schlüter, Interferometry for air showers

        15:40 Tim Sprenger, Scintillation arcs of the pulsar B1508+55 (cancelled)

        15:55 Martin Vollmann, Dark matter signals in radio frequencies

        16:20 Coffee break

        17:00 Björn Adebahr, Polarisation science with Apertif

        17:25 Tim Oelkers and Marcel Trattner, Memory-based computing in astronomy

        17:40 Gülay Gurkan, Exciting science with the deep and wide-field ASKAP survey of the GAMA23 field

        17:55 Nikolaos Karastathis, Using pulse-shape information for reconstructing cosmic-ray air showers and validating antenna responses with LOFAR 

        18:10 Kristof Rozgonyi, Asynchronous on-the-fly (OTF) mosaic imaging with MeerKAT

        18:25 Bartosz Dabrowski, Interferometric imaging of the type IIIb and U radio bursts observed with LOFAR 

        18:50 End


        20:00 Conference dinner in Schlosscafe KöpenickSchlossinsel 1, 12557 Berlin


      Friday, 4 Nov

         9:00 LOFAR Working Group (break out room)

        10:00 Coffee break 

        10:30 Gabriella di Gennaro, Exploring the evolution of magnetic fields in merging galaxy clusters

        10:55 Michael Kramer, New developments in projects and instrumentation 

        11:10 Anshuman Acharya, Testing ML-GPR For EoR 21-cm signal extraction from LOFAR data

        11:25 Christian Vocks, Fundamental-harmonic source pairs in in LOFAR solar type III radio burst images 

        11:40 Giulia Lusetti, Re-energization of AGN head-tailed galaxies in the galaxy cluster Zwcl0634

        11:55 Francesco de Gasperin, Observing at tens of megahertz with LOFAR


        12:20–13:20 Lunch


        13:20 Vijay Mahatma, Powerful radio galaxies with LOFAR-VLBI

        13:45 Peter Kamphuis, The gas reservoirs around nearby galaxies 

        14:00 Hrishikesh Digambar Shetgaonkar, Complementing multi wavelength observations of knots in blazar jets with high resolution LOFAR imaging 

        14:15 Prajwal Voraganti Padmanabh,  MPIfR-MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey (MMGPS): New pulsar discoveries

        14:30 Ancla Müller, Radio continuum and polarization emission of ram-pressure stripped galaxies (cancelled)

        14:45 Summary

        15:00 End




   Marcus Brüggen (chair), Benedetta Ciardi, Volker Heesen, Matthias Hoeft, Hans-Rainer Klöckner, Anna Nelles and Dominik Schwarz



  Hermann Heßling, Volker Heesen, Matthias Hoeft


Registration fee

   150 Euro (conference dinner included) 



  The venue is at Wilhelminenhof Campus of the HTW Berlin. The Wilhelminenhof Campus is located nicely on the banks of the river Spree and can be conveniently reached by public transport either from Berlin main train station or from the nearby Berlin Brandenburg airport. 


The exact conference location is:

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin

Campus Wilhelminenhof (Gebäude H, Raum 001)

Wilhelminenhofstr. 75

12459 Berlin


Map to the conference location.



Pandemic situation

We will carefully observe the evolution of the pandemic situation and will take appropriate measures. To date, we expect that the meeting will take in person. 



Anshuman Acharya (MPA)

Björn Adebahr (Bochum) 

Sankret Bangar (Bonn)

Aritra Basu (TLS)

Anna Berger (Bochum)

Shubham Bhagat (TLS)

Lukas Böhme (Bielefeld)

Bartosz Dabrowski (University of Warmia and Mazury) 

Feng Gao (Hamburg)

Francesco de Gasperin (Bologna) 

Gabriella di Gennaro (Hamburg) 

Jean-Mathias Griessmeier (Orleans)

Alexander Drabent (TLS)

Henrik Edler (Hamburg)

Lovorka Gajović (Hamburg) 

Feng Gao (Hamburg) 

Felix Geyer (Dortmund)

Gülay Gurkan (TLS)

Volker Heesen (Hamburg)

Caroline Heneka (Heidelberg)

Hermann Heßling (HTW) 

Duy Hoang (Hamburg)

Tim Huege (KIT)

Matthias Hoeft (TLS)

Prathamesh Ingale (Bonn) 

Matthias Kadler (Würzburg) 

Ajinkya Kakade (Potsdam)

Nikolaos Karastathis (KIT) 

Peter Kamphuis (Bochum) 

Hans-Rainer Klöckner (MPIfR)

Michael Kramer (MPIfR)

Jörn Künsemöller (Bielefeld)

Pranav Limaye (AIfA)

Lena Linhoff (Dortmund) 

Giulia Lusetti (Hamburg) 

Vijay Mahatma (TLS) 

Robert Main (MPIfR)

Olaf Mextorf (FZJ)

Arpad Miskolczi (FZJ)

Joe Mohr (Munich) 

Anna Nelles (FAU)

Tim Oelkers (HTW)

Thomas Pasini (Hamburg)

Peter Petkov (Technical University of Sofia) 

Ludwig Pfeifer (TLS)

Christoph Pfrommer (Potsdam) 

Thiyagarajan Ranganathan (TLS)

Kristof Rozgonyi (Munich) 

Tanumoy Saha (HTW)

Felix Schlüter (ULB IIHE Karlsruhe)

Kevin Schmidt (Dortmund)

Dominik Schwarz (Bielefeld)

Marco Simonte (Hamburg) 

Akriti Sinha (Indian Institute of Technology Indore)

Hrishikesh Digambar Shetgaonkar (Würzburg) 

Tim Sprenger (MPIfR)

Michael Stein (Bochum) 

Marcel Trattner (HTW)

Eleni Vardoulaki (TLS)

Christian Vocks (AIP)

Martin Vollmann (Tübingen) 

Prajwal Voraganti Padmanabh (AEI)

Jun Wang (Bochum)

Olaf Wucknitz (MPIfR)




Hotel recommendation  

   Hotel am Schloss Köpenick (~80 Euro) 

   Penta Hotels (~120 Euro)