26 - 27 November, 2015, at AIfA, Bonn


preliminary, last modification Nov 17



SKA Roadmap Proposal (venue: at MPIfR)

  • 10:30   Writing team meeting
  • Meeting of the writing core team
  • 12:00   Lunch break
  • 13:00  2nd GLOWSKA National Road Map Workshop (Klöckner/Schwarz)
  • All parties interested in supporting the SKA roadmap proposal are invited
  • Current aspects of the proposal preparation will be addressed
  •     e.g.:
  •         Status of the proposal and possible contributions
  •         Possible structure of a german SKA consortium
  •         German SKA data centres and necessary computing resources
  • 15:00 End



  • 15:45      Physikalisches Kolloquium der Universität Bonn (venue: Physikalisches Institut, Hörsaal 1)

                          HI through Cosmic Time: Astrophysics and Cosmology with the SKA from the Dark Ages to the present

                          L. Koopmans, Groningen

                         In the coming decade, The Square Kilometre Array will provide an unprecedented
                         opportunity to map the distribution of neutral hydrogen in the Universe from its earliest
                         infancy, several hundred million years after Big Bang, until its present day. Beyond
                         redshift of z>6 SKA-low will chart out the largely unknown territory of the late Dark Ages,
                         Cosmic Dawn and Reionization, giving new insights in the formation of the first stars,
                         galaxies, black holes and their enrichment of the ISM and IGM. At lower redshifts
                         intensity mapping and direct detection of HI structures in surveys with SKA-mid & low
                         allows one to trace galaxy (and other structure) formation and evolution all the way to
                         the present day. Besides this, the SKA will also provide deeper insights in to Cosmology
                         via a wide variety of different techniques. In this talk an overview is given on how SKA
                         can be used to study the Universe in many novel ways, focusing on the above topics.  

  • afterwards  "Nachkolloquium" at a restaurant in Bonn


GLOW Executive Committee  (venue: Physikalisches Institut, Heinrich Hertz Raum)

  • 17:30   GLOW EC meeting
  • 19:30   GLOW EC Dinner (joining the "Nachkolloquium", if possible)



GLOW Annual Assembly (venue: AIfA, seminar room 3.010)

  •  9:00   Reports from GLOW member institutes
  • AIfA - U Bielefeld - MPA - AIP - U Hamburg - U Cologne - U Garching - EXC Garching - MPIfR - FZ Jülich - TLS - U Bochum
  •  9:50   Welome a new GLOW member: U Würzburg
  • 10:05   Reports from Key Science Projects
  • Solar Physics and Space Weather (Mann)
  • Magnetism (Beck)
  • 10:30   Coffee break
  • 11:00   Reports from Working Groups
  • Resource Allocation Committee (Hoeft)
  • Science Working Group (Ciardi)
  • SKA Working Group (Schwarz)
  • 11:45   Strategy workshop in Potsdam (Schwarz/Dettmar)
  • 12:00   Lunch break
  • 13:00   Upcoming radio facilities
  • MeerKAT (Klöckner)
  • ASKAP (NN)
  • 13:25   LOFAR (ILT related activities)
  • The Long Term Archive in Jülich (Manzano)
  • Report from the ILT Board (Brüggen)
  • LOFAR 2.0 (Hoeft TBC)
  • Discussion
  • 14:30   Coffee break
  • 15:00   LOFAR (GLOW internal activities)
  • GLOW network (Mextorf)
  • Report TWG and GLOW mode (Horneffer)
  • GLOW hardware in Jülich (Schwarz/Künsemöller)
  • GLOW Web (Künsemöller/Hoeft)
  • 16:00   Summary (Dettmar/Brüggen)
  • 16:30   End



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