Upcoming Events

Workshops, meetings and other relevant activities for the national and international community





May 20 - 23,  Leiden, NL,  LOFAR User Meeting & LOFAR Science Meeting 2019


    registration deadline: April 30 


June 10 - 14, Newcastle, UK,  New perspective in galactic magnetism



June 25 - 29, Charlottesville, USA, Radio/Millimeter Frontiers in the Next Decade


    registration deadline : June 9  (for abstracts : March 18 )


June 26, Lyon, France, European Week of Astronomy & Space Science (EWASS2019)

    with special sessions:

              The role of European-led surveys in guiding future SKA1 science

              New inputs and prospects to model Milky Way Magnetic Fields


July 23 - 26, Manchester, UK, A Centenary of Astrophysical Jets: Observation, Theory and Future Prospects



September 16 - 20, Turin, Italy, The 3C Extragalactic Radio Sky: Legacy of the Third Cambridge Catalogue



September 16 - 20, Stuttgart, Annual Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft 



September 23 - 27, Bochum, Annual Meeting LOFAR Magnetism KSP followed by Busy Days


October 7 - 11, Gothenburg, Sweden, European Radio Interferometry School (ERIS) 2019



October 7 - 18, Soccoro, USA,  VLA Data Reduction Workshop



October 6 - 10, Groningen, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) Conference Series



Nov/Dez (TBD),  Dortmund, GLOW Annual Assembly and Radio2019


December 9 - 11, Tempe, USA,  Science At Low Frequencies (SALF) 




Note: For an overview of meetings specifically organized by members of the consortium, please also refer to the GLOW consortium meetings page.