Upcoming Events

Workshops, meetings and other relevant activities for the national and international community


2018, March 26-28, Bamberg: Interstellar Medium in the Nearby Universe



2018, April 16, MPIfR Bonn: Science with the MPIfR-MT SKA Prototype Telescope



2018, May 16-23, Socorro NM USA: 16th Synthesis Imaging Workshop



2018 May 28 - June 1, Cottage Himuka, Miyazaki, Japan : The power of radio tomography  -- Towards 3D mapping of cosmic magnetic fields --


   Feb 28: DL for early registration

   March 31: DL for oral and poster presentation 


2018 June 4-8, CNRS-LAPP, Annecy, France: 1st ASTERICS-OBELICS International School "Advanced software programming for astrophysics and astroparticle physics"



2018, August, IAU GA: SKA and precursor science (special session), Vienna, Austria



2018, August 29-31, IAU Focus Meeting FM3: Radio Galaxies: Resolving the AGN phenomenon



2018, August 29-31, IAU Focus Meeting FM3: New Insights in Extragalactic Magnetic Fields



    Feb 28: DL for oral abstract submission and grant applications

    May 31: DL for poster abstract submission

    June 30: DL for regular registration 


2018, September 10 - 14, Krakau, PL  Annual Meeting of the Magnetism Key Science Project 



2018, September 17 - 21, Dwingeloo, NL  Fifth LOFAR data processing school



2018, October 24 - 26, Jena  Radio 2018 and GLOW Annual Assembly


Note: For an overview of meetings specifically organized by members of the consortium, please also refer to the GLOW consortium meetings page.