The DFG funded Research Group on Cosmic Magnetism has held its annual meeting from 1 to 4 July in Ringberg.

This was the sixth meeting of the successful Research Group which investigates the origin and structure of cosmic magnetic fields. In the second funding period of the Research Group significant progress has been made in particular in analysing LOFAR data for gaining insight into magnetic fields in galaxies and clusters of galaxies. The recent developments of the LOFAR calibration and imaging software has allowed a tremendous progress in studying the synchrotron emission of galaxies and galaxy clusters at LOFAR frequencies now with unprecedented resolution und sensitivity. The meetings of the Research Group offers also PhD students in the group the possibility to present their considerable progress to a wider community.

 In addition to LOFAR observations the group uses other telescopes, e.g. GMRT and JVLA, which have been partly upgraded, to achieve the goals. Moreover, new approaches for analysing data from radio interferometers are under development.  The studies are complemented by theoretical work on the formation and evolution of magnetic fields in large numerical simulations. 

In 2016 the Research Group will held its final conference from 26th to 30th September at the Harnack House (MPG) in Berlin. To focus of the conference will be on Magnetisation of Interstellar and Intergalactic Media