GLOW can look back on a successful year with success in the federal Verbundforschung, tremendous progress with LOFAR results, very enjoyable meetings in Bologna, Würzburg and in Berlin, a new momentum for Germany joining the SKA, and new members joining. The HTW Berlin has joined at the GLOW annual meeting in Würzburg and the Ludwigs-Maximilian Universität in München is in the process of joining. Several other institutes have also expressed their wish to join GLOW.
Since the GLOW annual meeting in Würzburg a few months have already passed, so it is time to wrap up the year with a last newsletter for 2017.
--------- NEWS ------------
New LOFAR Station in Latvia 
A contract for building a new LOFAR station in Latvia has been signed. The station in Irbene is expected to become operation in 2019.
LoTSS Survey 
LOFAR surveys are making rapid progress. Catalogues as well as accompanying papers will be released soon. In a so-called “paper splash” a number of articles with LOFAR survey results are going to be published in a dedicated journal volume.
German SKA “Verein" underway
Preparations are underway to form a German SKA “Verein” with the aim to become an associated member of the SKA. Here a community day will take place early in 2018. A date will be announced soon.
BMBF has released a booklet on LOFAR
Earlier this year, the BMBF described LOFAR in a booklet on essential research infrastructures supported by the BMBF.
SKA and CERN have signed Big Data Cooperation agreement
SKA1 is expected to generate about 300 PByte of scientific data per year. Processing and handling such an amounts of data is a challenge.
SKA and CERN will cooperate to develop appropriate strategies, e,g, cloud based processing and regional centers.
DPG has founded Working Group “Physics, modern IT, and Artificial Intelligence"
Momentum for forming this group was picked up during the “Big Data” meeting in Berlin in June 2017.
The working group will meet at the DPG Frühjahrstagung in Würzburg, 2018, March 19-23
SKA and NRAO team up to develop software which can deal with large amounts of data expected for SKA1
------- ANNOUNCEMENTS ----------
A workshop on High-Resolution Surveys with International LOFAR will be held 19–23 March 2018 at the Lorentz Centre in Leiden and is designed to cover both expert discussions on finalising the details of the pipeline for general and heavy use. Several days of tutorials for new users will be included at the end of the week. We should ensure participation from Germany.
The Big Impact of a Big Dish: Science with the Effelsberg 100-m telescope
Next-Generation Cosmology with Next-Generation Radio Telescopes
Interstellar Medium in the Nearby Universe
 The power of radio tomography  -- Towards 3D mapping of cosmic magnetic 
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for a list of upcoming events. 
Job Opportunity
The Bielefeld Pulsar Group is advertising a position for a scientific programmer, which could also be interesting to technically-minded post-docs who have an interest in low-frequency pulsar observations and solar-wind studies. Contact Joris Verbiest for details.
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On behalf of the GLOW EC, let me thank you for your all your work you have put in to all the various radio astronomical initiatives over the year. I hope you find some well-deserved rest over the holidays.
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Marcus (on behalf of the GLOW EC)